Childfree by choice dating

childfree by choice dating

Is being childfree a selfish choice?

“Childfree people are selfish.” People who have children when they don’t want them or didn’t realise how much they didn’t want them will likely be pretty miserable. If they are miserable, their children won’t get the best start in life and the marriage won’t be as happy as it could be. Is that really a selfish choice, then?

Is it weird to be childfree at 45?

They can receive an incredible amount of backlash when announcing that they wish to remain childfree, considered by some as being peculiar, cold-hearted, deluded, lazy or immature. According to the Office for National Statistics (2011), one in five women were childless at the age of 45. Surprising? Not really.

Is being childfree by choice a rash decision?

Being childfree by choice is a rash decision. FALSE! No matter how much you want to tell them otherwise, they probably won’t change their minds or regret their choice when they’re older. In fact, r esearch shows that most women who choose to be childfree are confident in their decisions.

What does it mean to be a childfree couple?

“Childfree couples live empty and superficial lives. ” Hmmm, really? Childfree living means people are able to pursue other goals wholeheartedly, with more energy, with more time, with more money and with fewer stresses.

What is a childfree couple?

Childfree couples are those couples who deliberately choose not to procreate, thereby not succumbing to the societal and patriarchal pressure of having children. It does not mean that they are selfish.

What does it mean to be child-free?

Many voluntarily child-free couples are loathe to sacrifice a rewarding, creative, and often spontaneous lifestyle that includes travel, entertainment, sports, and hobbies. In short, they cherish their unfettered freedom. Couples also mention the peace, quiet, and order of a child-free home.

Why are so many couples becoming childfree?

The reasons to be childfree are plenty. But tradition and the joint family system wouldn’t let us recognize the same. Now that more nuclear families are coming up, couples are indeed realizing the benefits of not having kids.

Are You Happy in your child-free marriage?

Were happy. Finally, as I mentioned earlier, my husband and I are h-a-p-p-y. Our child-free marriage does not feel as if its lacking — we are full of love, excitement, challenges and we look forward to the future — even if babies arent a part of it.

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