Apple chan dating

apple chan dating

Is Apple complying with the new rules for dating apps?

“Apple now complies with the rules,” the regulator added. “That is why ACM no longer needs to impose a new order subject to periodic penalty payments. Over the past few months, ACM had collected information from dating-app providers and independent experts before its assessment that Apple complied with the order.”

Will Apple allow different payment methods in Dutch dating apps?

June 11 (Reuters) - The Netherlands antitrust watchdog on Saturday said Apple Inc (AAPL.O) will allow different payment methods in Dutch dating applications, ending a dispute that resulted in the company being fined 50 million euros ($52.58 million).

Did Apple disagree with ACMs order for dating apps in Netherlands?

In response to a query from Reuters, an Apple representative referred to the companys update from Friday for dating apps in Netherlands, in which it said it disagreed with the ACMs original order.

How did Apple change its offer to satisfy the ACM?

Details of how exactly Apple revised its concession to satisfy the ACM are not immediately clear-but, among a number of tweaks to its original offer, Apple previously dropped a requirement that dating apps compile a separate binary which the regulator had deemed overly burdensome.

Can dating apps use Apple’s own payment system?

It has also reiterated that dating apps must be able to use other payment systems and Apple’s own in App Store payment system-rather than be forced by Apple to use either one or the other.

Why don’t dating apps need Apple’s in-app purchases in the Netherlands?

Following a court order, developers working on dating apps don’t have to use Apple’s in-app purchase system in the Netherlands. And because those purchases aren’t handled by Apple, the company doesn’t take its usual 30% cut on digital purchases. But developers who use a third-party payment system still have to pay a commission.

Are Apple’s ‘solutions’ creating too many barriers for dating apps?

Apple’s so-called ‘solutions’ continue to create too many barriers for dating-app providers that wish to use their own payment systems. “We have established that Apple is a company with a dominant position. That comes with extra responsibilities vis-à-vis its buyers and, more broadly, society at large.

Why is the ACM unhappy with Apple and dating apps?

In its response today the ACM specifies it is unhappy that Apple has created a costly technical burden for dating apps to adopt non-Apple payment tech.

Why is Apple’s response to the ACM so controversial?

The ACM has variously described Apple’s response as disappointing and unreasonable — accusing it of creating an unnecessary barrier for developers who want to take up the legal entitlements to use non-Apple payment tech to process in-app payments, rather than simply letting them easily choose to do so.

What are the key points in the strategy used by Apple?

If we look into the key points in the strategy used by Apple for its flagship product, the iPhone, we will find that there are four major factors involved: the competitors, a SWOT analysis of your competitors’ product, the target market, and market survey pertaining to the product. 1. Competitors

Why has the ACM hit Apple with fines and penalties?

The ACM has hit Apple with a series of fines since January — totalling €50 million — for non-compliance with its order, and had warned it could issue further penalties if Apple did not resolve its concerns.

Why is the government considering a revised offer from Apple?

The watchdog had been considering a revised offer Apple made back in March-after finding problems with how Apple had implemented earlier concessions and judging conditions it applied to be “ unreasonable “, as well as accusing it of creating an “unnecessary barrier” for developers of dating apps.

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