Dating abu garcia reels

dating abu garcia reels

How do I find out what year my Garcia reel is?

This can be noted by opening the cover page of a Garcia Fishing Annual. The date is located at the bottom right hand corner of the first page and it will precede the year found on the magazines spine. A reel purchased sometime during the Summer of 1972 could have old stock parts from 1971 assembled to it.

What happened to the Abu record Ambassadeur reel?

Record parts were exhausted as ABU used them to assemble ABU marked reels as Record Ambassadeur was phased out by the end of 1957. This reel is engraved ABU and was mfg d. in May of 1958 with the help of a known shipping record. S/N 96601.

Do Ambassadeur reels have serial numbers?

Record Ambassadeur 6000 made its debut in 1955 but by 1958, Record was changed to ABU Ambassadeur. Up to the middle of 1964, the 6000 did not carry a foot number. From about mid 1964 on, lot numbers that dated the reel were applied for the first time. Serial numbers were never assigned to the 6000 model.

When was the first Abu reel made?

This reel is engraved ABU and was mfg d. in May of 1958 with the help of a known shipping record. S/N 96601. The gray arbor/black flanged spool pictured below seems to be connected with 5000 models having a serial number right around the 100000 mark.

Where is the serial number on a Garcia Mitchell 300 reel?

In April 1957, reels are inscribed Garcia Mitchell 300 or Mitchell 300 (for European vendors) for the first time. These versions were found with a combination of serial numbers either on the body (early versions) or on the reel foot (later versions).

How do you date a Mitchell Reel by serial number?

When serial numbers were nearing 10 million in 1970, Mitchell reverted back to their alphanumeric serial numbers with letter prefixes but now followed by six numeric digits and not just five as before. This makes it very easy to date these reels by just the serial number letter prefix. This started with the letter “A” prefix and so on:

How old are your reels based on serial numbers?

In essence, exact dating of reels based on serial numbers during this period is inconclusive. Finally, Mitchell got it right; almost. In 1971, Mitchell started a new system of serial numbering reels so that accurate dating was possible. All serial numbers started with a lettered prefix giving you the year of manufacture, i.e.,

Do all 302 reels have serial numbers?

It appears the 302 was the only model to have any consistency in serial numbering but there was no rhythm to the sequence to determine the year. We further realised that some reels distributed in the US had serial numbers and the same reel released in Europe had none!

Where are Abu reels made?

ABU Garcia, originally AB Urfabriken, then ABU Svängsta, is a fishing reel and fishing equipment company founded in Sweden, and is now owned by Pure Fishing of the United States. The factory in Svängsta where there still is production. Photo taken from the north. AB Urfabriken began at a factory located near the Mörrum River, in Blekinge, Sweden.

When did ABU Garcia start making fishing reels?

ABU Garcia introduced a series of fishing reels and related products in the beginning of the 1950s. The Swedish built ABU 444, the companys first spinning reel, was introduced in 1955, followed in 1965 by the first model of the Cardinal series of spinning reels.

When did the Abu 5000c reel come out?

Production for this model began in June 1966 and was introduced to the public in 1967. The 5000C had its own set of serial numbers which started at 10001. Although first made in 4-screw version, ABU changed all of their reel frames to a 3-screw version about eighteen months later in early 1968.

When did the Abu Ambassadeur spinning reel come out?

Also in the same year, ABU introduced the Ambassadeur 2050 and 2650 series reels as well as the Ambassadeur 5000B. 1965: Cardinal spinning reels were introduced.

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