Dating someone your sister dated

dating someone your sister dated

Is it wrong to date Your Friend’s sister?

If you met your friend’s sister through your friend, then it may be wrong to date her behind his back. It’s breaking the ‘bro code’. However, if you have already known her and dated her before meeting her brother, then it may be safe between both of you.

Would it be okay if your sister dated Your Ex?

Would it be ok if your sister dated your ex? Of my five exes, it would be a solid yes for two of them. They were both really good guys things just didnt work out with. I still considered one my best friend, even though we havent talked in a while.

Should I tell my sister that my boyfriend and I aren’t together?

Now if the reason you aren’t together is his fault in some way, you can always inform your sister as to what that was, and why you don’t feel she should be with him, but ultimately it’s not your call, if your not together you don’t get a lifetime claim on his future relationships, and you could very well alienate your sister by getting involved.

Is it okay to date who you like?

It will be something that people might judge you about but you are both free to date who you like and are not responsible for how it affects others emotionally. And maybe everyone will be cool with it.

Can I Ask my Friend’s sister to date me?

Tell Your Friend Yes, tell your friend that you plan to ask her sister out. Don’t ask. It’s creepy to ask your friend whether you’re permitted to date your sister. She’s her own person, and if she wants to go out with you, whatever the consequences, she should be able to.

Would you date a friends family member?

Its always tricky to date a friends family member, but youre really playing with fire if you go into it feeling unsure of your feelings for him. It sounds like so far youve been pretty open and honest with Eric about the situation, and thats a good start.

Should I tell my friend I want to date Eric?

If you do decide you really are interested in dating Eric, then you need to come clean to your friend. If she loves you and can tell you really do care about her brother, I would hope shed be supportive, even though it might be hard for her to get used to.

How to talk to my Friend’s sister?

You shouldn’t spend a heck of a lot of time talking with her about whether you feel weird about the fact that she’s your friend’s sister, how this might affect your friendship, etc. By all means, engage her in discussion about it if she brings it up.

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